Tri-Clad Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cookware

Copper Chef Titan Pan
America's #1 Selling Cookware Brand*
  • 9.5" Copper Chef Titan Pan with Lid
  • Stainless Steel Steaming & Crisping Basket
  • 5.5" Santoku Knife
  • Jet Tila’s Recipe Book 
  •  8" Copper Chef Titan Fry Pan*
Starting at 3 Easy Payments of $2499
* Just Pay Separate $14.99 P&H
for 8" Copper Chef Titan Fry Pan 

Copper Chef Titan Pan Amazon Reviews

"I received these pans yesterday and have already used them twice to sauté some veggies and make eggs. These pans work awesome! Nothing stuck and the cleanup was easy. "

   - Sabrina W.
"This multi-purpose pan is just what I needed, perfect for stove top or even to put in the oven. I have used it over the past few days and my food has cooked evenly and the basket is a nice extra bonus...."

   - Marc B.
"Nice high sides so you don't splatter grease anywhere, wonderfully non-stick, and dishwasher safe. Sears meat beautifully..."

   - Gena S.

Works in the Oven & On All Stovetops

Jet Tila holding a Copper Chef Titan Pan
Professional-Grade Kitchen Essential 
Copper Chef teamed up with Chef Jet Tila to create a pro-grade pan. This is the perfect union of nonstick and stainless steel. A breakthrough in cooking technology that will take you every step of the way to make perfect meals.
Tri-Ply Design
3-layers of bonded metal – a layer of aluminum for fast heat conduction between two layers of stainless steel for even cooking and heat retention
blending mash potatoes in the Titan pan
Non-Stick Surface

The cooking surface is laser etched to create a steel matrix, which is filled with our super nonstick diamond-infused coating. This protects the surface from scratching even when using metal utensils.

Perfect For One-Pan Meals
3" deep straight-wall sides for larger cooking surface. V-shape end cool-touch handles have been ergonomically designed to ensure comfort for easy lifting.
Cooked chicken in the Titan Pan- One-Pan Meals
non-stick laser-etched surface of the pan


Material: Tri-Clad Stainless Steel
Outer Coating
: Non-Stick Diamond Infused Surface
Size: 9.5" Pan 
Capacity: 2.5-Quart 
Cookware: PFOA Free
Oven Safe: Up to 450°
Easy Cleanup: Dishwasher Safe

Your Copper Chef Titan Pan Includes:

copper chef titan pan glass lid
Cook & Look Glass Lid
copper chef titan pan stainless basket
Stainless Steel Basket
Jet Tila's America's Restaurant Favorites cookbook
Jet Tila's Recipe Book
5.5" Santoku knife
 5.5" Santoku Knife 
copper chef 8" fry pan- just pay p&h
8" Copper Chef Titan Fry Pan*

Just Pay Separate P&H

Replaces Your Wok, Roasting Pan, Steamer, Crisper & More!

crispy fried chicken and fries
 bake potatoes and meat
green beans in the pan
crispy fried chicken and fries
 bake potatoes and meat
green beans

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Starting at
3 Easy Payments of $2499
* Just Pay Separate $14.99 P&H
for 8" Copper Chef Titan Fry Pan


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